Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: First Communion



We had two different First Communions to attend on Saturday. One for a neighbor (Chloe cutting her cake) and one for our niece (Ashley playing cat's cradle).


  1. hey there, found your blog thru Entrecards. :) Sweet post.

  2. I love her dress!!! My daughters 1st communion is in 2 weeks. Love that cake too!!!

  3. Beautiful dresses and beautiful girls!

    Happy WW... I'm sharing a 'priceless' memory today. Join me if you can!

    Just Some Thoughts

  4. Mrs. Mecomber, Spice, Marsha -- Thanks. It is amazing how pretty the little girls looked dressed up like that. For me, not being Catholic, the whole First Communion event was educational.

  5. Hi, Love the pictures. I am going to a nephew's first communion this weekend too!

  6. I love the dresses too and that cake is beautiful. Thanks for checking out my WW!

  7. They both look so pretty! Chloe is doing a good job cutting the cake.

  8. Oh that is so sweet! I don't even remember my first communion. It definitely wasn't a big deal and I wish it had been. Is it just a Catholic thing? I was raised Presbyterian and am with a Nazarene church now. I hope I'll be able to celebrate my children's first communions.

    Those are great photos! :)

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  10. Pretty photos! I've got a first communion to go to in a couple of weeks - the youngest of my partner's 4 nieces, so as you can imagine, I've sat through a number of first communions over the years, and from next year, we'll be into a run of confirmations instead... It's pretty hectic for the churches this time of year, over here in Ireland!

  11. @AvidReader2008 - Thanks! This seems to be the season for these types of events.

    @Nicole - The cake was not only beautiful, but yummy, too. I'm putting that bakery on my list of preferred bakeries. Deerfields Bakery in Schaumburg, IL, if anyone is in the area and interested.

    @Daisy - Yes, Chloe did an excellent job. :)

    @CastoCreations - I'm not positive, but I think a first communion celebration like this is usually a Catholic thing.

    @Bonoriau - I emailed you privately. I hope you got the message.

    @Catherine - Thanks! It's definitely that season. The first communions seem fun, because all the little kids are so cute and the services are very child friendly. And now that you mention it, I imagine the churches in Ireland would be pretty hectic.


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