Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On this date in history...

... the Hindenburg crashed

... Sigmund Freud was born

... and I entered this world.

Yep, it's my birthday today. And thanks to the miracle that is the Internet (and Twitter) I've discovered three other birthday twins today.

Happy Birthday to Periapex, Canine, and Kamala.

And in real life, Happy Birthday to Tayler.

Any other birthday twins out there?


  1. Anonymous5/06/2008

    And happy bday to you too!

  2. Anonymous5/06/2008

    Happy Birthday, Haley!!! Have a great one!

  3. Thanks Periapex and Kelly! It was a nice day. Mellow, but nice.

  4. Hey hey! Happy birthday, chief - you still look great, even for being so close to 40! LOL!!!

    Oops, did I say that? :-0

  5. Happy Birthday, Haley!

  6. @Don - Shh! You'll blow my cover. (As if the ancient looking baby photo doesn't offer a big clue.)

    @Cromely - Thanks!

  7. Anonymous5/07/2008

    Haley, Happy b-day to a lovely young woman! Don has no clue how young you are...besides...he is 251...?

  8. Why thank you, Hilly. You do know the right thing to say. (BTW, is this your first official comment on the blog? Welcome!)

    And while Don's Blogger profile may say he's 251 (what's up with that, Don?) I happen to know that he's getting pretty near 40 himself. :P


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