Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Beacon Time Capsule -- May 4-10

A brief look at where this blog has been:

Loki and Thor on the MS Walk in Busse Woods, Elk Grove Village

A year ago, I was blogging about:
I was on a blogging hiatus.

Two years ago, I was blogging about:
  • Signing up to be an Amazon Associate -- Where I sign this blog up for the Amazon Associates program.

  • Garage Sale -- About the almost-annual garage sale I hold with my Mom and my sister.

  • Tales of the MS Walk, dogs and sit-down strikes -- Where the whole family (me, Dave, Loki and Thor) raise almost $1,000 for the M.S. Society.

  • Prairie Band returns to Shabbona -- A news story about a band of the Potawatomi tribe that ties into the novel I'm writing.

  • Tatterdemalion -- Fun with the words tatterdemalion and tintinnabulation.

  • Mother's Day roundup and other stories -- a collection of links to news stories about Mother's Day and motherhood.

  • Prior to that:
    This blog didn't yet exist, and I haven't back-posted anything that qualifies.

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