Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life: No more cold and drafty nights

Finally. After six months we have new windows in our bedroom. I probably wouldn't even bother mentioning it on this blog, except it took *six months*.

It's mostly my fault. The windows should have been a simple decision, but I complicated it.
How many windows in the house should we change now?
Should the windows stay white on the exterior side?
Should they stay stained on the interior side?
Should we rethink the molding in the house, and starting transitioning away from the colonial trim toward something more in keeping with the architecture of our house?
Does our split-level suburban house even have an architectural style?
I hemmed and hawed and got multiple quotes. I consulted different books. Meanwhile, the casing on one of our 30-year-old bedroom windows continued to rot, until we had almost a centimeter gap where nothing but the screen separated us from the outside elements. We plugged it up with towels and put plastic on the window. I'm sure the neighbors thought it looked lovely.

I placed the window order before the New Year. But then we had to wait for the windows to be made. Then we had to wait for them to be stained. Then we went away on vacation.

So, finally, they were installed last week. The stainers came by this morning to complete any touch-ups to the woodwork following installation. The project is complete.

/happy dance

We now have six beautiful new windows in our bedroom and guest room, and a gorgeous new trim scheme to start phasing into the house. See?

our old windowsour new windows

Thor naps by the windowsEven Thor likes the new windows. :)

We have nine more windows in the house to get changed at some future date, but that's not in the budget right now. We have other priorities. Check back in a decade. The way my husband and I move on some of these things, it could take that long. Seriously.


  1. Oh wow, gorgeous!! :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm still in that phase where I walk in the room and stare and feel inexplicably happy. But that too shall fade soon. They're just windows, afterall. :)


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