Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life: Back to the Real World

The suitcases are unpacked. The laundry sorted. The dogs are already starting to get bored with us again. Even my snowboarding bruises are fading.

Vacation is over. I've blogged everything I'm going to blog about it.

(Thank God, you say?)

Now it's back to the mundane world of everyday life.

Speaking of which, according to the following analysis, if you are reading this site, you can read at a high school level. Congratulations. :)

blog readability test

Oh, and since it's April 1st, and this World of Warcraft announcement was released today, this has to be an April Fool's joke. It's Guitar Hero for World of Warcraft. Check out New Hero Class Revealed: Bard.


  1. And it's a good thing it's an April Fool joke. A Bard class is one that would be infinitely more difficult for me to resist.

  2. I resisted playing WoW for quite a while, only because I knew it would be addictive and a time sink. I wasn't wrong. I love the game.

  3. beeker4/03/2008

    Breckenridge looked and sounded like a fun time. I hate unpacking after a trip. I usually leave things in my bag for a few days as my passive way of denying the fun is really over.


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