Monday, March 03, 2008

Where I didn't get hurt snowboarding...

I tried snowboarding for the first time in January. People said I did well, but one bad fall on my tailbone left me in pain for the next two weeks. I begged off the next few opportunities to go, but with our Colorado vacation fast approaching, Friday night I decided it was time to give snowboarding a go again.

This time I was a little better prepared, with my new oh-so-sexy, grandma-panties tailbone guard. (Just what a girl wants -- padding to make her butt look bigger!)

So, Friday after work, we headed back up to Wilmot in Wisconsin. I was nervous, and the conditions were really icy. Let's just say I got off to a very hesitant start. There was probably even a little cursing at my husband and Kyle over their persistent offers of advice. The fun quotient started out at virtually nil.

But at some point in the evening, I loosened up and actually had a little fun. Bonus: I actually came down the learning hill executing something that resembled the beginnings of turns and stops. And most importantly, my falls were controlled and there were NO INJURIES.

There may be hope for me yet.

The best part of the night was the après-ski. And who knew that après-ski translates to "cheap buzz"? I do now.


  1. beeker3/03/2008

    You are a brave soul. Congrats on no injuries. I just drink hot chocolate by the fire, waiting for everyone to return.

  2. Yes you are a brave soul. That is something I would probably never try.

    But as they say practice makes perfect.


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