Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I've discovered this week

The concept of a "meme"
It's an idea or exercise that is spread from blog to blog. Kind of like the survey-get-to-know-you chain-letters that people like to email, but instead it's something you post on your own blog, then tag other bloggers to do the same. See my The Page 123 Meme for an example.

Lisa 365
A blogger who has taken the challenge to try something new every day for a year. This idea really resonates with me. A few years ago, I experimented with doing something that scares me every month. It only lasted for a few months, because, well, everything was scary. Lisa's challenge of trying something new every day doesn't require that the something new be big, just new, like building a tower out of wine glasses or cutting up a credit card.

The bloggers in the World of Warcraft community all seem to be using Entrecards, so I explored the idea and signed up. I'm less than a week into using Entrecard, and the hits on this site have gone up. The idea is that you drop a digital business card on sites that you visit, earning credits every time you do. Then, you can use those credits to display your digital business card on other Entrecard sites.

Blog 2 Print
Someone has invented a way to take the content from a blog and have it printed into an on-demand book. Looks intriguing, but I can't really see why anyone besides me would want a book version of this blog.

Ugly blogs
While playing with Entrecard, I've visited a lot of blogs that I wouldn't have normally visited. Some are gorgeous, but some are so cluttered with money-making schemes that it's hard to find the content. I'll stop there.

I can import this blog into my Facebook account's Notes section. Not only that, the Notes will automatically update whenever I post to this blog.


  1. Blog2Print sounds interesting. I like to spend only so much time online every evening, but there is so much more to read and learn.

    I've tried printing content before, but it's more trouble than it's worth. Something like this would suit me perfectly.

    I might just ask my favourite blog at the moment if he would consider adding this option to his page. Or does it only work with blogspot accounts?

  2. I have gotten some traffic from Entrecard and have found some blogs I probably wouldn't have found.

    I also like the Lisa365. Great idea.

  3. @Tam: Blog2Print says it only works with Blogger at the moment, but they're working on other platforms.

    In my experimental test drives of the site, I've learned that the blog owner has to have the RSS feed set to send out the full text and not just the first few sentences.

    Plus, the book can accommodate a maximum of 200 photos, so if the selected printing dates contain more than 200, it doesn't work.

    I'm still trying to get my test to work. I'll update when I can.

    @The Hunter's Wife: I've kept this blog for a few years now, but made no real efforts to promote it until trying Entrecard. It's been really educational for me.


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