Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Page 123 Meme

Stumbled on this exercise on two different sites today (Perpetuus Mos and Writer's Round-About), and was intrigued to try it.

The assignment:
1) Pick up the book nearest you
2) Open to page 123
3) Find the 5th sentence
4) Post the following 3 sentences
5) Tag five others

OK, the book nearest me is Windswept by Ann Macela. It’s the only book in my cubicle. Bought it at my writers group meeting last night from one of my author friends, so it was in my bag. My copy is autographed. Haven’t read it yet, but the cover is pretty. See?

So, I open to page 123, find the fifth sentence, and then post the following three sentences:

“I didn’t expect you so early. Jesus just brought the paper in. It’s on the table.”

At first the selection, out of context like this, sounded completely inane to me. But the more I look at it, the more it seems like the opening of a writing exercise. Like a writing instructor is saying "Here's your bit of dialog, now build a scene around it" ... which I'm not going to do.

Now, the last part of the assignment is to tag five other people, which usually means I should single out five blogger friends and challenge them to post this same exercise. Nah. I'm not so into that part of the assignment.

Instead, I'll do the same as the two bloggers who turned me on to this. If you want to try the exercise yourself, post your version in the comments section here, or post a comment with a link to your blog entry. I'm curious what turns up.


  1. Interesting excercise... I don't have a book near me now, but when I get home I want to do this!

  2. not that I was tagged, but it sounded like an interesting and different way to do a book presentation so I gave it a whirl:

    A Quirky But Serious Meme Post

  3. After wandering over here from Alan/Libdrone's site, I too took to the exercise with glee.

  4. Exercises like these seem to simply call out to us don't they? I wasn't strictly tagged either, I begged to be included and my blogger friend added me as the sixth on her list. ;-)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the meme and thank you for the link love.

    Your three sentences are very intriguing. It makes me want to explore the book. Jesus bringing in the paper??? Wish he'd bring in mine. ;-)

    I wonder what a character called Jesus is like in other stories.


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