Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The dead post file

So many things in my drafts folder... So many things that I've meant to blog about, but never did for some reason.

I'm cleaning my virtual desk -- clearing out the aborted blog entries that are just taking up space, and publishing those that were almost finished but just didn't get published for some reason.

Want a "for-instance"?

Way back in November, I meant to post kudos to Starr Toth, who placed second in a Gather.com writing contest, so therefore won a publishing contract with Pocket Books. When they announced the contest winners, Starr's name sounded familiar, so I searched my email. Turns out, she judged a contest entry of mine (a love scene, no less) back in 2003, and liked it a lot. We had a brief email exchange, but didn't keep in contact.

In her email Starr told me: "I want 'Prairie Fire' to get published so I can read the whole thing - you pulled me in and left me hanging!" Unfortunately, I'm still leaving people hanging with Prairie Fire.

Her book, Trust Me, comes out this fall. You know I'll be buying a copy.

Other dead posts?

I meant to link to a Stephen King review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I meant to link to a New York Times article about Magical Thinking: Why Do People Cling to Odd Rituals?.

I meant to link to a discussion on The Watcher's Chicago Tribune blog about her pet peeves in television plots, along with readers pet peeves and industry professionals' pet peeves.

For some forgotten reason, I meant to write about the old Fireside Roller Rink (or is that Rollarena?), which is long gone. I'd Googled it and come up with this link to one of Eric Zorn's columns, which had a relevant comment by someone named Bud Fox.

I'd also meant to write about a blind root-beer tasting that we did with my nephews. All I have to offer, instead, is this cool photo that my sister took.

I meant to write about many excursions I've been on with my girlfriends. Like when Marriott took me to see My Fair Lady a few weeks ago, or when Marriott and I popped into the old Carson Pirie Scott store on State Street right before it closed, tea at Ethel's Chocolate Lounge, going with JC and Jules to make custom purses as 1154 Lill, and other adventures.

What posts were resurrected?

Not all the draft posts were deleted. A few were so close to being finished, I polished them a little and published them anyway.

Anne Lamott
Wook cut his hair!
S-Factor Afternoon

Things still in draft format?

Yes, a few things still survive in draft format. They aren't finished enough to publish, but I still like the ideas enough that I want to execute them. Notably, the rest of my Australia trip -- which was more than six months ago now.

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