Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wook cut his hair!

He's Thor's arch nemesis. Everything our scardy-dog finds frightening in a person: male, big and tall, and with LOTS of hair. Not just a beard, but locks down to his waist.

In college, Dave made a reference to him being a walking carpet, and the nickname stuck. Twenty years later, more people know him by Wook (Wookie) than by his real name.

So, imagine our surprise when Wook came to visit recently, and when he took off his baseball cap, there was no hair. All gone. Shaved into a No. 2-blade buzzcut.

Wook said he was tired of the maintenance and in the mood for a new look. The barber was a little hesitant, he said, asking multiple times before taking scissors to his ponytail. But Wook was certain. (He still had the ponytail in his luggage. I hope he donates it to someplace like Locks of Love.)

It's amazing to me how a change like that can transform someone. Wook looks younger.

And as we sat at dinner one night, Wook in his baseball cap and with a goatee, it occurred to us that he looked like another popular culture icon. He sort of looked like Silent Bob.

Unfortunately, Thor is still deathly afraid of him.

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