Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Not the best photo I've ever taken...

But it's nice to see that somebody could use it. :)

See Monday Miscellanea on The Londonist.

11-8-07: My sister asked me how the photo ended up on The Londonist site. Here's what I told her:

When you post a photo to Flickr, you have the option to make it public or you can make it viewable only to contacts whom you have designated friends, family, friends & family, or yourself. There are various permission levels.

Plus, when you post a photo, you can either reserve all rights to the photo for yourself (meaning no one is allowed to use it without your express permission), or you can apply a Creative Commons license to it, which allows various uses of the photo.

Some of my photos are public and I've retained all rights to them (especially if someone I know is in the photo), but some photos I've allowed others to use for non-commercial purposes if they give me attribution. Plus they're supposed to link back to my Flickr page.

So, in the case of The Londonist above, they were searching for photos of David Blaine in London, saw my picture and used it based on the Creative Commons non-commercial with attribution license.

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