Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sale! -- sorta, kinda by association

Remember that e-project I've written about in the past -- my working title "The Hunting Lodge"? It's a joint project with Grace and Destiny.

Well, back in April, Grace reworked the idea a bit and submitted it to Harlequin Spice Briefs for consideration as an erotic electronic novella. She took our basic concept and used it as a wrapper, then inserted one of her short stories from the project. She emailed it off and didn't hear back for months and months and months.

Until an email yesterday and a phone call today.

Turns out -- she sold it! Yeah!

The editor still needs to contact her about possible changes. Grace still needs to receive the contract. Details need to be worked out.

They're talking a possible electronic publication date of February or March.

Grace said they liked they idea that it was a series and they want to see more. This is where the "by association" bit comes in. See, I'm part of the writing team of [pseudonym yet to be chosen], and now I have to polish up my submission for the series.

So, while I'm celebrating for Grace, I'm panicking for myself.

Put up or shut up, Haley.

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