Monday, September 24, 2007

More special dates

Yet another cluster of special occasions to mark.

Today is my wedding anniversary -- lucky number 13. Happy Anniversary Dave. :-)

There are also birthdays for JC, Auntie Donna, my godson Adam, and my nephew "Louis". Happy Birthday.

We're waiting for good news about a new neice/nephew "Peanut" to be born (due two days ago).

Wishing continued improvement to Rick who is recovering from major, major surgery.

And, thinking about the Red Dog, who went to the bridge five years ago today.

(I'm not sure which I feel more like: A morning weatherman reading off a list of announcements, or that lady from Romper Room who held up the mirror and listed different kids' names every week. I swear, she saw every kid but never a "Haley". LOL)

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