Monday, August 20, 2007

How long have I been at this book-writing thing?

Had a really good Windy City RWA meeting a few weeks ago. The kind of meeting that left me both inspired and sad. Inspired, because there was so much good information and positive energy. Sad, because it was yet another reminder of *how long* I've been at this book-writing thing.

One of the multi-multi-published writers was talking about her first conference 10 years ago when she was still unpublished and how cool it is now to be involved in the Avon booksignings and to actually have people line up for her books at the conference. And I agree -- it's got to be very cool. That's what we unpublished writers fantasize about.

But then I think about that same conference 10 years ago. It was my *fifth* national RWA conference (the first few I attended as a reporter and not as a romance writer, but it was still my fifth national conference). Susan Elizabeth Phillips said nice things about my opening chapter. I pitched to an Avon editor and got a fantastic response. I was on a high -- but yet I never converted that opportunity into a sale.

Ahhh... I've been at this a long time. It's easy to get frustrated with myself.

But, I also said I was inspired, didn't I? And I was.

Mostly, I think, it's because of the positive support at the meetings, the serious ambition of the writers, and the recognition by everyone that this isn't easy no matter what level of your career you're at.

Right before I left on vacation, I was looking at my writing binder. I have so much there. So many ideas. So, it's time to dust off the binder and get back to work.

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