Monday, July 23, 2007

Home from Australia

So, here it is, almost three weeks later and I haven't updated this site once. I blame it on a number of factors including less-than-ideal Internet access, problems with our laptop computer, jetlag and all-around exhaustion. We were busy, busy, busy.

If you haven't figured it out, I'm home now. We got back Friday night and spent the weekend in a jetlag haze. Finally got a decent night's sleep last night with the help of an OTC sleep aid. That 15-hour time difference really threw my body out of whack.

My friend Marc has a good rule of thumb for adjusting to time zones. He says it takes one day to adjust for every two hours of time-zone change. That puts the adjustment for this trip at about a week (which is very accurate in my experience).

Even though I didn't write during the trip, I'm going to try really hard to recreate what we did and back-post the entries. It won't have the flavor of being on-the-spot journaling, but I still want a record of it.

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