Monday, March 05, 2007

Is it March already?

So, I've been not-so-diligent about updating my site so far this year. I'm sorry to those of you faithful enough to keep checking back.

As I like to remind myself: Every moment is an opportunity to change.

The days are growing longer. Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. Spring is only a few weeks away. My spirits are lifting more and more every day.

Work is keeping me busy. One of our vice presidents just posted a count-down to inform us that we have only 10 more weeks to deliver the major software package we've been developing. Thanks Mario... Oh, and we had a surprise a few weeks ago. Imagine coming in and being told that this is your last day working for this company. Here's all the pay and vacation time we owe you. And tomorrow, you'll be employed by this new company -- doing the exact same thing. It's not the first time I've been through a buy-out, but it is always a little draining, I think.

February was alternately really cold and really snowy. Not a month to get out a lot. Loki and Thor loved it, though, and we did manage to make it out a few times. We hosted another karaoke party a few weeks ago - another great time that I'll need to post about soon.

Writing-wise... I just sent out a query to an agent for Prairie Fire. I've been working on Witch's Fire. Finished reading "A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599" by James Shapiro and am reading "London in the time of Queen Elizabeth." Both wonderful resources for the time period for Witch's Fire. I'm also coordinating the paranormal category for the Windy City Four Seasons Awards, and need to get the entries organized for the first round of judging.

As for Dave and the dogs, they're all doing well. Everyone's happy and healthy -- and Loki and Thor are extra fluffy and soft after getting groomed on Saturday.

So, there, I've spit out some of the highlights for you. More to come. I promise.

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