Thursday, October 05, 2006

Taunted by Death and Taxis

I joined Netflix a few weeks ago, and there's one movie listed on the site that is just taunting me. Why? Because although it's listed (and has been for MONTHS) it has no release date yet and can only sit in my "saved" queue.

Why do I care so much about this movie? Because it was written by a former coworker at the newspaper, Nick Pullia. I remember when he wrote it. I think that originally it was produced to be a series for television, maybe HBO. But, instead, they re-edited it into a movie called Death and Taxis. Here's the description from Netflix:
How's this for an interesting indie film plotline: an anthology of interconnected stories about how people deal with death -- as seen through the eyes of the angel of death! The stories take place in a taxi that's been driven on the streets of Chicago for 20 years. As the film opens, the taxi is being demolished in a junkyard. When the angel of death shows up and sits inside the cab, the stories begin to unfold through his visions.
Also, I remember Nick saying that one of stories in the original series was inspired by something that happened to someone I know. I'm not sure if it made the final cut, but I'm curious to see.

Has anyone out there seen this movie or know when it will be released?

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