Thursday, October 05, 2006

So close to finaling...

At the mailbox, when I saw the envelope that was obviously contest results, I felt a little clinch around my heart. I wasn't quite expecting to see those yet. They just announced the finalists a few days ago.

So, I prepared for the worst, like I always do. What could they possibly say? My writing was hackneyed and trite?

Open the envelope. Skip the cover letter and go right to my score sheets. A perfect score, an almost perfect score, and a not-nearly perfect score. Ugh.

Look at the entry ranking sheet. My entry code tells me that I finished in 4th place, one place out of finaling. Double-ugh.

So close! Just points away from getting in front of an editor!

How's this for judges' comments?
"Wow! A Time Travel with a heart and a brain. I love the hint of magic in both their lives -- made me think the time travel could come from magic in the Heroine/Hero or someone in either of their lives. The setting is alive and vivid. ... This is certainly something I would love to read more of."

"This is a strong voice; I'd know this one again. In fact, I'd be looking for it."
I love getting quotable comments like those.

Now, you're probably wondering what contest and what, exactly, they were judging. Sorry. It was the Time Travel category of the FF&P On the Far Side Contest. Each judge got to the first chapter of Prairie Fire and a five-page synopsis.

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