Saturday, October 14, 2006

Marc's banoffee pie

When Marc visited us a few years ago and made this "pudding" (aka dessert) for us, it seemed like a science experiment doomed to go wrong. I mean, who in their right mind cooks anything while it's still in a sealed "tin" (aka can)? Won't it explode?

It didn't. (But it could, so be careful if you ever try to make this dessert.)

After a few hours of cooking in a water bath, what came out of those cans of condensed milk was mana -- sweet, gooey toffee. Who knew? Certainly not me and my husband.

What was even better, was that Marc spooned this concoction onto a crust of crushed digestive crackers (kind of like crushed Graham crackers or vanilla cookies, but English) and topped it with sliced bananas.

Thus we were introduced to the wonders of Banoffee Pie.

Marc posted his recipe a few years ago, and I saved it in a file. When I was in Long Grove last weekend, I stopped into the English Store there and picked up some packages of digestive crackers, and Dave and I attempted the recipe last night.

We think it turned out. We haven't actually gotten to sample a full slice of it, although we did get to try the toffee after spooning it out of the can. We'll be bringing it to a friend's Oktoberfest party this weekend. Banoffee pie and beer? I let you know how it flies.

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