Monday, October 09, 2006

Friends vs. Football

It was the antithesis of football. A Sunday afternoon spent in the cozy shopping district of historic Long Grove, Illinois. Lingering for hot tea and lunch on the breezy front porch of an old farm house. Sampling wines and olive oils. Wandering through antique and craft stores. A scoop of ice cream while sitting on a park bench. Hot apple pie fresh out of the oven. Time spent with two long-time girlfriends, catching up on news and plans for the future.

Why do I even mention football? How does it relate? Because I have to confess that I gave up an opportunity to go see the Chicago Bears play in order to keep a long-anticipated date with friends. It was a no-brainer decision, but it didn't come without a little bit of pain -- my hometown team, the Chicago Bears, is having what could be their best season since that historic 1985-86 Super Bowl season.

I'd had these plans with Marriott and Ladyknyght long before the opportunity to go to the Bears game came up. We'd been fantasizing about a girls outing for ages. Ladyknyght had even rearranged her work schedule for this. So, friendship had to win.

The one-lane covered bridge in Long Grove.And I didn't regret it for a moment on Sunday. Sure, as I sipped my pumpkin spice chai tea while at Suzi's Teas and Cafe, I wondered how much fun my husband Dave was having at the game. Sure, as I sampled olive oils at The Olive Tap, I wondered what the score might be. And sure, as I stood in line at the Apple Haus to buy that delicious Long Grove brown-bag apple pie to take home, I actually did check in on the final score.

But, truthfully, I think I had the best of both worlds. A day spent with friends AND the joy of knowing that my hometown Chicago Bears easily advanced to 5-0 for the season. There will be plenty of other fun football Sundays to come, even if I'm not at Soldier Field to watch.

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