Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The sun will come out tomorrow

That's what the weather forecast says. We're on a fourth day of straight ran. Lots of rain. Plus cool weather.

But tomorrow it's supposed to be 74 and mostly sunny. Summer hasn't officially ended yet!

The upside of all the rain is that everything is so gorgeously green outside. Downside? Lots of grass to mow.

Since I'm grumbling about the weather, it seems like an appropriate spot to mention that I got a rejection letter on Prairie Fire. "Although I found your story interesting, after careful consideration, I have decided to pass on this project."

This is where I remind myself that rejections are part of the business. Just one person's business decision. There are many, many agents and editors out there still to query. I've just got to keep sending it out. Make that manuscript work for me.

And keep working on the next project.

Is it 74 and mostly sunny out yet?

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