Friday, July 07, 2006

Tours aren't just for tourists

Marriott recently moved back to Chicago after venturing to California and Florida for a few years. She's vowed to enjoy Chicago and actually do and see all the things she's talked about over the years -- like take the Eli's Cheesecake Factory tour and see the Hubbard Street Dance Company perform. From my perspective, she's doing a good job.

When I came across this article in the Chicago Tribune -- Tours aren't just for tourists -- it seemed like the article was written especially for her.

Why should out-of-towners have all the fun? We can't pretend to know everything interesting about our city. Yet we come to work every day, breezing past the folks soaking up sightseeing tidbits while lounging on boats, scooting on Segways, pedaling on bikes, riding buses or just moving on their own feet.

I've done the architectural boat tour. I think the Loop Train Tour sounds the most intriguing to me at the moment. Perhaps Marriott will do it with me. Or one of the others. (I know, Marriott, I'm all talk...)

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