Friday, July 07, 2006

Doesn't everyone Google her own name?

Maybe not everyone. But enough of us do.

I like to see what's out there -- about me, and about those other intriguing people who share my name.

I've been noticing another Haley Hughes out of Chico, Calif., for a number of years. Today Google came up with her website. She's an artist. Check out her work.

This spring I started to notice a Haley Hughes who was a reporting intern at a newspaper in Kentucky. She's since graduated and moved on to another job (I think).

I look forward to seeing what happens with these other women named Haley Hughes. Is it weird to follow their lives through Google just because they share my name?

Addendum: I'd never Googled my sister's maiden name before, so I typed in "Heather Hughes" (Yes, Mom was into alliteration) and was amused to find out that my sister shares a name with an early '70s B-movie actress named Heather Hughes. Who hasn't heard of Blood Freak, where "Only the blood of drug addicts can satisfy its thirst!"? And why didn't we know about this when we were little kids and the movie was new? (I probably would have been jealous then, thinking Heather got the cooler name. For all its popularity now, the name Haley was extremely unusual in the early '70s.)

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has discovered a cyberspace "twin". What comes up when you search your own name?

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