Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Still mastering the art of blogging

Hmmm... I went to a friend's blog and mumbled to myself that he still hadn't updated it. The same post has been sitting at the top for at least a week. But then, something made me scroll down. Yes, the last few posts were old... but then I noticed some that I'd never seen before. Our trip to Las Vegas more than 6 months ago was there plus a few others. How could I have missed them? How many times have I loaded that page and not noticed them? D'oh!

There's a lesson there: Even if the top post doesn't change, always scroll down a little. The blogger may have backdated some posts. (This is a diary, afterall, and some people like to keep things in chronological order.) I'm not certain this is what happened with my friend's blog. If it is, I have no idea when those entries were posted and how long I've been dense. I'll have to ask him. (Wook?)

I mention this because I plan to do some backposting myself. My drafts folder has a few things in it that I haven't had time to complete, especially from early June.

Fair warning...

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