Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Painting and wine tasting

The summer session has started at the local community college and Dave and I have enrolled in a seven-week oil and acrylic painting for beginners class and a two-week basic wine tasting class. We're one down on each class, and I have to say that, so far, I haven't exhibited extraordinary talent in either area.

Sure, I can taste wine, but I have the hardest time analyzing what I'm tasting. I either really like it or I kind of like it. Usually, it's all drinkable. LOL. However, Tuesday night, I ran into my first totally undrinkable wine. It was a $25 bottle of Chardonnay that, to me, smelled like tuna. Fresh, out of the can tuna. I just couldn't get past the "aroma". Funny thing was, a few people in the class rated it really highly. I also learned a new phrase. My French, it is not so good, but it goes something like this: pis pis d'chat (cat pee). It is used to describe wine that has the aroma of cat pee, which is supposed to not be a bad thing. Who would have thunk?

In the painting class, I'm starting with acrylics because they seem easier. The first class we had to do a still life of a table with various objects on it. Mostly, we were concentrating on mixing colors and a little bit on composition. My painting, like my French, it is not so good. If, over the course of the next several weeks I improve, perhaps I'll post my first effort here. Or perhaps I'll spare you. Let me just say that I would have done much better with paint by numbers. If anything, I'll learn some color theory from this class. That was my main goal going in...

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