Thursday, May 25, 2006

Too much to say, not enough time

So, I went over a week between updates to this site. It wasn't through a lack of things to talk about. I think I had just too many possibilities and not enough time to organize and refine my thoughts. I'll try not to let it happen again.

Saw The DaVinci Code last Friday. The critical reviews weren't that strong going in, so I was worried, but I ended up enjoying the movie. The story stayed true to the book, but I got the impression that you really had to pay attention if you weren't familiar with the ideas of the book. As with most books adapted into movies, the book is much better, especially, in this case, the illustrated version. What the movie lacked was the depth of the codebreaking in the artwork itself. Without it, the name "DaVinci Code" loses some of its meaning.

Had some belated birthday celebrations with friends. It was nice to go out and enjoy some sushi and drinks, and some margaritas and shopping (two different excursions with two different groups). I appreciate friends taking the time to make me feel special.

Finally got the backyard set up for summer. My gazebo and outdoor furniture (birthday gift from husband!) just beg for a barbecue. With all our spring rain, the yard is lush and inviting. Lets hope it stays that way this year. We're just moving into hot weather now (might hit 90 over the weekend). Last year the summer was so hot and dry, there was no pleasure in being outside.

Really liked the Lost season finale. Can't wait to see the direction it goes off into next year. I'm disappointed that a few characters who were so likeable the first season became so unlikeable by the end of the second, but that's a small complaint. I'm tempted to spend some time exploring all the Lost websites, but I know that there will be all summer to do that. (I found it very amusing the virtual Lost universe that has been created on the internet by ABC -- going beyond the Hanso Foundation TV commercials to even have a "Hanso Foundation representative" interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night.)

That's pretty much a wrapup of what I might have talked about the past week. Perhaps throwing in some links to some interesting articles I found online. I'll tease you with this thought: Loki got a haircut. Expect to see some photos.

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