Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BIG dogs

No matter how often people say my dogs are large, they always seem petite to me. Now I have evidence.

Saturday, we went to the Multi Shelter Pet Expo put on by DuPage County Animal Control. It was a rainy, outdoor event that featured many local pet rescue groups.

Now, I know my dogs aren't tiny. With Loki at 95 pounds and Thor at 75 pounds, they can be a lot of dog.

But then we met Monster. He's a 240 pound mastiff who appeared to have the sweetest disposition. Is that a harness on his back or a saddle? In this photo, Thor is in back and off to the side. See how petite Thor looks?

But I realize that not many dogs can be 240 pounds. OK, then. How about Thunder? I'm not sure of his weight, but he seems large even for a malamute. And as gentle as could be. He took a treat from my hand with the softest of touches. Loki sure looks impressed in this picture.

It seems to me that the larger the dog, the better behaved it usually is. People will tolerate churlish small dogs, but big dogs don't make it far in this world without learning some social skills.

(Thank you, Marriott, for sending the photos from your camera-phone!)

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