Thursday, March 02, 2006

Designing the perfect erotic getaway

The Romance Police seem to have taken exception to a statement I made that Our Erotic Project "will either be fabulous or a fabulous disaster."

I humbly apologize. There will be no disaster involved. It will be all fabulous, all the time.

As we make time in our schedules to work on this project, it looks like it *will* actually happen. There are pages written. (And, no, they were not written by me.) The story gets off to a solid start. It shall be fabulous.

My co-writers came over tonight to discuss the project, and we had a productive meeting. Not only did we discuss the pages already written, but we drank wine and got silly laying out the floorplan of our remote and mysterious hunting lodge. Think grand, think old, think hidden passageways. Did I say it's in the Scottish Highlands overlooking the sea?

Destiny gets her chintz ladies parlor (no green allowed!), fireplaces, balconies, ballroom, billiard room and grand entryway. I get my octagonal glass conservatory and a promise that the place can have a dungeon. Grace proved she was of good humor as she kept drawing and planning our dream magical getaway.

Now, I need to get something on paper. Clio and Jason have a story to tell. And, oh, it's a steamy one!

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