Monday, January 09, 2006

Our Erotic Project

There is a little experiment going on with me and some writer friends whom I have previously dubbed the Romance Police. We're trying to write a novella of erotic storytelling together.

We have a premise. We have a setting. We have characters identified and assigned. We even have a deadline established. But can we work together and will our writing styles mesh?

For my part, I've worked a little on developing my characters and storyline, but it's been secondary to finishing my novel Prairie Fire. I still need to name my two characters. I still need to give them voices. I STILL NEED TO WRITE THEIR STORIES.

We're supposed to share drafts of our indivual stories in early February. Once we see what we've drafted, then we'll see how to stitch them together.

It will either be fabulous or a fabulous disaster.

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