Monday, March 06, 2006

Coming out of the closet

No, I'm not gay.

But I am shy. (See my previous entries about my scary goals)

Just last week, I mentioned my blog to my husband. "You have a blog?" he said.

"Yeah," I said. "And a web site."

"You have a web site?"

"Don't you remember? I registered my domain name a few years ago? I told you then."

"I remember you registered your domain name, but I didn't know you had a web site. Or a blog."

OK, I confess, I've been keeping my online work extremely low-key. I'm here to promote a book that I haven't sold yet. There's not much to promote, really. It's more of a time investment in the future.

But, I didn't realize that I'd kept it so low-key that my own husband didn't know about it. Surely, I'd mentioned it at some point... right?

This weekend we went on a family getaway to Lake Geneva with my mother, my sister and her family, and my aunt and uncle. We had a fun time hanging around our rented house with a lake view. We spent many hours talking, eating and drinking, and playing games.

My husband, evidently still reeling from the news of my online adventures, announced: "Did you know that Haley has a web site and a blog?"

"You do?"

"Well, " I said, "It's nothing major. Just something I've been playing around with. Kind of amateur, really."

Fortunately (or is that unfortunately?), the rental house had a computer with online access and I was able to take my sister for a tour. My uncle asked for the address and intends to look it up later.

Gulp. My secret is out. My family now knows I have an online presence, no matter how small it may be. (I think I'm up to 50 hits on this site. It really is small.)

So my family knows, and a former co-worker has found me. What's next? A major publisher with an offer for a three-book contract? (What? A girl can dream, can't she?)

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