Thursday, June 19, 2008

A line in life that I will not cross

My friend Jules thinks I should have a pet wedding for Loki and Thor like the weddings described in this article: More dogs are saying 'Fi-Do' to pet weddings.
Scott's clients include pet owners who want to mate their pets and don't want "illegitimate relations" in their home. Others want companionship for their pets, and some pet owners just want a public ceremony to emphasize how esteemed their pets are.

As crazy as I am about my dogs (we do celebrate their birthdays), I am not about to hold a doggie wedding.

Loki and Thor are adopted brother and sister, after all, and letting them marry would be yucky. :P

(Seriously, I would NEVER go there. Their relationship is 100 percent sibling and 0 percent romantic. They just don't have that kind of chemistry. Plus they're both fixed. And mostly, Loki thinks Thor is an extremely annoying little brother.)


  1. Anonymous6/19/2008

    oh, my... seriously? Well there's another way to make money! LOL

    Birthday parties are one thing (tee hee) but weddings? C'mon...

  2. You had a party and I wasn't invited? Where are your manners and sense of etiquette? :):)

  3. Well, since they are already living together, I see no need for Loki and Thor to get married...

  4. I congratulate you on putting your foot down on the whole pet wedding thing. It's a sure sign that you are indeed sane ...

  5. @Lisa365 -- Can you imagine the photos you'd get at a pet wedding? You need to get yourself listed with whatever party planners you need to in your area ASAP so you can get a piece of that pie.

    @MamaFlo -- You didn't get the invitation? I blame the postal service. :P

    @Daisy -- Ah, the "free milk" theory. Now, you, on the other hand, Miss Daisy, I know that if you find yourself the right beaux, you'll someday make a beautiful bride! And I can't wait to see the photos.

    @Don -- How long have you known me, and you still need confirmation of my sanity?

  6. Anonymous6/20/2008

    I went to a pet wedding once.

    And it wasn't some small wedding either. It was this full out ridiculous event that probably cost more than my own wedding. I actually felt embarrassed to be there.

  7. @Monique -- Yeah, it seems like one of those events where you'd have to tell people that in lieu of gifts, please donate to your local pet shelter, or something like that. It gives purpose to the silliness.


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