Friday, May 09, 2008

Doodle Monster!

Doodle Week badgeDoodle Week badgeI'm still feeling doodly, so there's more doodling to be done. Monsters! That's today's theme.

Drawing inspiration from Ginger M. of Growing Happiness, I doodled today's monster in a cool online application called The Scribbler.

First, you create a line drawing, then you click a button and the application starts scribbling what you've drawn. You can set the colors, line thickness, line opacity, and messiness of the scribble, but it controls the actual scribbling.

Something fun to play with during those boring conference calls at work, perhaps?

As for today's lovely piece of ... doodle, the original line drawing looked far more menacing, with mean eyes and claws for front hooves, but those got scribbled away. Oh well. As for the creature's body, I'm not sure what's happening there. Imagine there are wings. It's flying after all. Or maybe it's like Santa's reindeer and doesn't need wings. It's open to interpretation.

My Doodle for May 9 -- Doodle Monster


  1. A monster that steals party blowers from parties and flies off into the night.

  2. I really like this one, mostly because it looks cool but also because you provided a little inspiration and tutorial :)

  3. Anonymous5/09/2008

    I love it Haley! It looks like a fire breathing horse running across a field to me. :D

  4. Anonymous5/09/2008

    It this your animal doodle? It's too pretty a monster! :D
    Ok ok, I'll imagine it a dragon-horse hybrid and the scaly monster parts are out of frame! :)
    Looking forward to your next one!

  5. @Mark - Yeah, but those are smokin' and flamin' party blowers!

    @Claire - Thanks. I thought it was a cool little application. Something fun to play around with.

    @Fragileheart - Thanks. Yeah, the flying part can be easily overlooked. I blame the artist. :P

    @Ginger M - Dragon-horse hybrid! Exactly! And yeah, all the really scary bits are out of frame. That's it. When the doodle animal theme comes up, I'll try to make it really monstrous, how's that for a compromise?

  6. Anonymous5/10/2008

    Hi Haley,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! doodle week eh? I am a technical luddite so can just about handle a crayon..anything on computer is beyond me but this I may give a go,
    Have a lovely weekend,

  7. Rather an aristocratic kind of doodle.
    My first visit ti your blog, but not my last.


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