Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Odin "The Sweet"

He's a fluff ball with sharp little puppy teeth. So cute. But why does love have to hurt? :)

We had been almost 11 months without a dog in our lives. We said goodbye to Loki in November 2011 and to Thor in September 2012.

The husband and the son had been lobbying hard for a dog, so when we heard that BARC, the Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, had a litter of puppies that it was trying to place, we decided to act. We took a weekend and drove to Kansas City, 10 hours each direction, and picked up the cute little guy.

We deliberated about a name, but decided to stay with the Norse god theme. Odin. He had to be an Odin. The All-Father. Especially because he is going to be a big guy. Over 100 pounds easily. Funny thing was, we were not original in our thinking. One of the other males from the same litter is also an Odin, while another male is a Zeus.

Our son also made a major contribution to his name. He wanted to name the puppy Sweetie, so we compromised and now he is Odin "The Sweet". It's right on his tag. It's official.

He's been a part of our family for almost four weeks now. We are so happy to have him.

To see more Odin photos, check out his set on Flickr.

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