Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something pretty redux

My Minerva Amaryllis keeps getting prettier and prettier as it blooms. I think I can get hooked on growing bulbs in the winter, especially since I'm home to enjoy the flowers.

The Red Lion Amaryllis that I started at the same time is way behind, barely sprouting still, so I should have flowers for a while now.

On the personal front, things are going along.

My father-in-law had a stroke yesterday, affecting his brain stem right cerebellum near the brain stem. As long as the swelling goes down in the next few days, we're hopeful that the effects will be minimal, all things considered. Send some healing thoughts his way.

I'd hoped to get the Christmas tree down today, but I think that'll have to wait another week now.

Baby X is rolling around a lot and starting to get a little mobile. We need to seriously do some baby-proofing in the next month. I'm trying to get Baby X on a sleep schedule, which, except for today, has been going well. Hopefully, this nap will be a long one and he'll catch up on the sleep he missed this morning.

Oh, and I finally did something with my haleyhughes domain and put together a writer's website. I cannibalized things from this blog to get it started. I fully expect it to evolve as I have time. This is more of a rough draft. Check it out. Feedback is always welcome.

That's about all the time I can spare for the blog today. I'll try not to be a stranger.


  1. I LOVE THT AMARYLLIS. I'll keep your fil in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. love love the flower, last year the mum got a ton of bulbs, then rudely went into hospital. So hopefully will get them planted this year.

    Really hope the father in law is on the mend.

    Website looks great!

    Hope you, X and Dave are doing well.


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