Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Tails!

What are you looking at? Let's see, it's the tail end of a lion, giraffe, bear, kangaroo, dog woobie, tiger, bunny, and bear woobie. It's perfectly obvious, isn't it?

Those imaginative people amongst us may envision some horrible death scene when viewing this image of animals stung up by their necks. I hope you're not one of those people. I personally see a bunch of cute animals peeking in on my little boy in the crib. All perfectly innocent.

Perhaps this is a case of a mother trying to desperately entertain herself while also entertaining a 4-month-old baby. Take most of baby's stuffed animals, put their heads through the crib slats, then be so amused that you must hunt down the camera. That's pretty much all the explanation this one takes.

Disclaimer: No babies or stuffies were injured in the staging of these photos. All play was supervised, and any potential choke/suffocation hazards were removed from baby's crib at the end of the play session. Thank you.

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  1. TOO CUTE! Love the photos and the story and yep, I can remember those days well!


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