Friday, December 18, 2009

A sudden infusion of new old posts

Over a year ago, I experimented with creating a separate photo blog called Moments Caught in Flight where I featured a lot of favorite photos I've taken.

The blog did pretty well, but I've found it difficult to keep two blogs going. So, I'm putting that blog on indefinite hiatus and concentrating on this blog. I've used Blogger's import feature to pull all the Moments Caught in Flight posts into this blog, comments and all.

I'm keeping the Moments Caught in Flight blog up. Maybe someday I'll have time and energy to revive it.

It's all I can do to keep fresh content on this blog, even with its multiple personality disorder.

If  you want to browse the posts that I imported, I've given them a special tag:  Import from Moments Caught in Flight. Meanwhile, I'll continue to post photos here on this site and probably use more of the style I developed on that blog.

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