Sunday, December 20, 2009


We took Baby X to meet Santa last weekend. Is it wrong that his first Santa visit was at Petsmart? I don't think so. Minimal wait and cost, plus Santa was excited to hold someone who didn't have four legs.

Unfortunately, I didn't get so great a photo of just Xander with Santa, but we did get a decent family shot, which is our Christmas card, so I'm not posting it here yet.

In this photo of the dogs, the third dog is our friends' dog Benton (on left), who is about 9 months old and is starting to dwarf both Loki and Thor. He's over 90 pounds already, and has more growing to do.


  1. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Awesome shots! Santa looks like he's contemplating using Bernese Mountain Dogs to pull his sleigh instead of Reindeer.

  2. @7367766062111988679.0

    You're right. LOL. With those tight leashes, it does seem like they're pulling Santa.


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