Monday, November 30, 2009

A frightened dog and some gratuitous shower shots

What would scare Thor so much that he would follow me into a running shower? I have no idea. But Thor did it. I quickly had to turn off the water so that I didn't have to deal with a scared AND wet dog.

And what did my husband do as I stood there, dripping water and freezing cold? He ran to get the camera.

I never did figure out what frightened Thor so much that he would go into a room he never enters, into a bathtub that he usually avoids at all costs. But a few treats later we did get Thor out of the bathtub and I was able to complete my shower before the baby woke up.

Oh, and isn't that bathroom lovely? I like to call it "vintage". As in vintage 1979. It's actually much nicer than our avocado green bathroom down the hall. Someday, bathroom remodels will be in the budget. Someday.


  1. Wow! I can't imagine anything that would scare one of my dogs badly enough to make them hop into the dreaded bathtub. I hope it was a one time occurance, for Thor's sake and yours!

  2. Ah, poor Thor had a scairty!

  3. Anonymous12/04/2009

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  4. I'm getting so tired of people spamming my comments. Don't force me to turn on moderation...


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