Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Z is for... Catching some z z z Z Z Z's

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My friend's Dad falls asleep during a family birthday party. I took this photo on request. Usually, I'm not the one to make fun of others for falling asleep in the middle of a social gathering. It happens far too much in my family.

When I was growing up, it was a long-standing joke in my family that whenever the Hugheses got together, shortly after dinner you could watch them all fall asleep one by one until you were left with a room full of wide-awake spouses. Everyone who was a Hughes by blood would have fallen asleep.

Fortunately, while my sister and I don't fall asleep at the dinner table (Yes, I've watched my Dad, uncle and cousins do that many times), I do have a reputation for falling asleep while watching movies and television, especially if it's a cartoon or if I've seen the movie before.

I'm participating in ABC Wednesday today with the letter Z.
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  1. I feel like zzz the office :)

  2. was he too tired or that the party was boring for him?

  3. famous for all the wrong reasons now!

  4. lol what does his shirt say Haley?

  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

    @kRiZ cPEc - I think it's just his thing. He falls asleep easily. :)

    @fragileheart - I believe the shirt says "Cornfed". LOL


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