Thursday, December 11, 2008

Three little Berners

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This photo is my most viewed, most interesting, most commented and most favorited photo on my Flickr account. As of this typing, it's had 6,612 views. Unfortunately, I didn't take it; my husband did.

The puppy in the center is our own Loki when she was 6 weeks old. We'd visited her breeder and were trying to figure out which little girl we wanted to adopt. So that means the other two puppies are Loki's sisters.

Taking this photo was not easy. It required puppy wranglers (aka me and the breeder) to keep putting the puppies back into position. They were rambunctious little critters.

In case you're wondering, the puppies are Bernese Mountain Dogs. They're a Swiss breed often referred to as Berners, and in Switzerland are known as Berner Sennenhund.

Loki has long since grown up, as this photo was taken in 2001 (a few digital cameras ago). Here's a link to more photos of her

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  1. The puppies are cute!

  2. I can see what it is such a popular image. Besides being so awesomely cute, the photo is really well composed. Especially considering you were working with puppies!

  3. WOW! Beautiful dogs indeed. I'm sure you had your hands full trying to get them to be still long enough for getting this shot. Awesome job!

  4. How cute! I imagine capturing the photo of the puppies would be like me trying to wrangle my 21 month old daughter for a shoot with no help!

  5. That is cute! They are so patient and well-behaved. My dog would have none of this. He's camera-shy.

  6. What pretty little faces! I really like this photo!

  7. I love the way they all seem to have the same expressions on their faces with their little tongues hanging out! Good job with the wrangling!


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