Monday, November 10, 2008

Seasonal Bounty

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Today's Manic Monday theme is Bounty. I went the direction of abundance in interpreting this theme. Here's a photo I took a few weeks ago while we were having a pumpkin carving party at the office. I thought the table full of pumpkins and candy was a good show of seasonal bounty.

By the way, are Affy Tapples just a Chicago brand of taffy apple, or do you get them in other places around the country or world? Does anyone else remember having Taffy Apple Day in school when your parents would order taffy apples for a fundraiser?

I'm participating in Manic Monday today with the theme of Bounty.
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  1. When my children were small, I would do homemade taffy apples and popcorn balls for halloween as a special treat for their closest friends. Then idiots started putting bad things in home made gifts and you can no longer give unwrapped food to trick or treaters.

    The picture is wonderful. I hope everyone had a great time with the carving.

  2. Pumpkins galore! I love pumpkins..:)

  3. You must work in a very fun office!


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