Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reflections on a photo scavenger hunt

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

Every year my husband and I help out at my nephew's birthday party. My sister needs the help because Louis likes to have parties at home, which we've found require more planning and adults to carry off, but are generally a big hit with the kids. Two years ago the theme was everything backward, last year it was video games, and this year it was a scavenger hunt.

To do the scavenger hunt, we broke into three teams, each with a list of items to collect around the neighborhood. We also had a list of photos that we could try to stage to collect points. The photos were worth more if a homeowner was in the photo with all the kids. Examples include: all the kids in a tight place, a car with vanity plates, playing catch, making a human pyramid, mowing a lawn.

The neighbors really got into helping the kids. I really got into staging the photos.

In the top photo, the kids had found a "pumpkin patch" and were posing in it. I accidentally captured my reflection and my husband's reflection in the storm door. Yeah, that's me in the pink striped shirt.

In the other photo, the challenge was to capture our team's reflection. Since my husband was taller, I handed the camera to him to actually take the photo.

We had a lot of fun with the scavenger hunt -- and in case you're wondering, our team won. Competitive much?

(If you want to see more photos from the photo scavenger hunt and party, see the Flickr set here.)

I'm participating in the Photo Hunt today with the theme Reflection.
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  1. I like the "pumpkin patch" photo!

  2. What great pictures!! Well done on both counts!

    Please check out my reflections:

  3. Great shots! I like the first one.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I really like seeing kids so happy and smiling!

  5. Fun and happy photos-the ones you will look at time and again in the future. : )
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  6. nice photos!

    Here's mine. Happy weekend!


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