Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doodling poppies in winter

Whats a DoodleIt's Doodle Week again. I took a hiatus during October, but I'm back to participate in November.

What is Doodle Week? Surely, you remember. If not, here's the run down. Laura, Claire and Mo over at Doodle Week headquarters come up with seven themes -- one for each day of the week -- and we out here on the blogosphere try to doodle something to fit the theme.

Here are the themes this month:

Monday - Draw a poppy for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day)

Tuesday - Winter. Time for the season of snow.

Wednesday - Snowflakes. Draw a whole blizzard if you get inspired.

Thursday - Holiday stress. However you feel it, whatever your holiday.

Friday - Turkey Day. Thanksgiving in the United States. Give a turkey a doodle and he'll roast in the oven just like the rest of them.

Saturday - Which of the five senses is your favorite and show us why in a doodle.

Sunday - What sense or ability do you wish you had. Doodle it!

If you'd like to participate, too, just Doodle something and post it on the Internet somewhere (on a blog or on Flickr), then visit DoodleWeek.com and post the link. As easy as that.

Doodle Poppy for Remembrance DaySo, keeping in mind that a doodle is just a version of a scribble, with no expectation that it's good or anything (or even accurate!), here are my doodles for Monday and Tuesday.

Mine were done on Paint Shop Pro while I was properly trying to concentrate on something else.

Happy Doodling everyone!

Doodle Winter Scene

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  1. I especially like the little bird tracks visiting your snowman. :)


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