Monday, November 03, 2008

A blog moment captured and some link love

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

I'm taking a rare break from posting photos to write about this blog and to recognize those people who make blogging fun.

Since I started this blog on Sept. 16, I've posted 31 times.

I'm not the most aggressive blog marketer, but then again I'm not trying to monetize this blog. It's still very much a fun project for me -- a creative outlet where I can build online relationships.

In the seven weeks this blog has been up, according to SiteMeter I've totaled 1,382 unique visits and 1,846 page views. Google Analytics puts it at 1,559 visits and 2,262 page views. I'm not sure where the discrepancy comes in.

My 10 most popular posts so far are the following:

A clear day
Red-hot glare
King of Autumn
Lazy girl :)
Sky gazing
O is for.. bOkeh visiOns
In the makeup chair
You bore me with your camera
Bungee Jumping
Grape Vine in Autumn

I'm getting some direct traffic, but most of my traffic is still coming from EntreCard and the various memes I participate in. I am also slowly starting to get some search engine traffic, with the majority of those searches for the Lake Ellyn Boathouse.

I said earlier that I was here to build online relationships, so I wanted to take a little space and extend some link love to those people who make blogging fun by participating in my blog.

My top EntreCard droppers over the last 31 days are the following:

WindMill on the Hill | journal
Foodie, Travel and Shutter Bug
Isolated Existence
Windmill of my Mind
Photography by KML
Cromely's World
The Beacon
Communique by Ivanhoe
Montana Moods

Thank you to each and every one of you. (Yes, you'll notice that my other blog, The Beacon, made the list. I've been dropping on myself. *blush*)

My top commenters are the following:

1. fragileheart (11)
2. My Bug Life (10)
3. Shinade (6)
4. Daisy (5)
5. Digital Polaroids (4)
6. kml (4)
7. earthlingorgeous (3)
8. Lisa (3)
9. Bear Naked (3)
10. Jay (3)

Thank you for keeping the discussion going. I appreciate every word you leave for me.

And a special thank you to fragileheart, who nominated this blog for Best Photo Blog in the 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards.

That's it on the blogging business until next month, when I capture a different moment of this blog.


  1. LOL Is dropping on yourself like doing other stuff to yourself that I shall not explicitly mention?

  2. @fragileheart -- LOL In a blogging sense, kinda. I think. *more blushes*

  3. You've got a great photo blog!


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