Wednesday, October 22, 2008

N is for Nose!

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When you have dogs, it's easy to collect a lot of photos where the center of focus is the nose. What's not easy is deciding which one to use. Here's Thor. I took this back in February on a really sloppy, snowy day.

There's not quite as much nose here as you see in those famous Artlist The Dog photos, but it works for me. And it makes me think of something my friend Marriott always tells me when we're ending a phone conversation: "Kiss the doggies on the nose."

I'm participating in ABC Wednesday today with the letter N.
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  1. Oh Haley I just had to drop by and see before I went to bed. I love it. You always do such a wonderful job.

    I don't know how t add the tiny in Twitter yet.

    Oh but I do so hope that you will drop by and see my first study in still.

    Oh and thank you so much for displaying my add.

    Good night it is late and my hubby is snoring away!

    Happy day:-)

  2. I think it's a great nose shot. I love dogs too.

    Good work, Haley!

  3. When our daughter was very young she asked why the dog's nose was made of licorice.
    I had to assure her that it was not a candy to try licking.

    Bear((( )))

  4. What a happy face you captured!

  5. I think it's a great photo and your dog looks friendly.

  6. What a great photo and you have a beautiful dog!

  7. Great photo. I love pet pictures. My dog leaves if she sees me pointing the camera at her.

  8. I like this dog photo :)

  9. At last! Someone else with a dog nose in the 'N's!

    Nice one! I like it. :)

  10. BRRRR!! That snow is making me cold right now!

    Great angle Hales =D

  11. He looks like he is smiling! Great shot!

  12. What a beautiful Dog! I'd definitely kiss that nose! I kiss both of my dogs regularly. Even my comment icon shows me kissing my dog, Eve.

  13. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

    @Shinade -- Thanks for dropping in. I try my best to do a wonderful job. My theory is that if I take enough photos, there's bound to be one or two worth saving. :)

    @Daisy -- Thor is a very happy dog, but he's so shy, few people ever get to see his happy face.

    @Bear Naked -- A licorice nose? Maybe that's why dogs lick them so much! LOL

    @dulce -- He is very friendly. Very sweet.

    @Denise -- Thanks!

    @richies -- I've found my dogs are far more cooperative when I don't use the flash. My dog when I was growing up was afraid of the camera. I finally got a good photo of her through the patio door. She was waiting to come in the house and couldn't see the camera.

    @My Bug Life -- Thanks!

    @Jay -- Yay! Another N is for Nose photo. I'm surprise there aren't more this week.

    @fragileheart -- I know. I'm not ready for snow yet either!

    @kml -- Thanks! I do think that's his version of a smile.

    @Kim -- My dogs get lots of kisses from me. It makes both of us happy. They even know how to kiss me on request. :)


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