Thursday, October 09, 2008

13 things on my bulletin board

1. Brigid's Cross -- It's a symbol of Brigid of Ireland. She figures in my fiction writing.

2. Inspirational Quotes -- Lots of inspirational quotes picked up from all sorts of places. I listed many of them here in this post a long time ago: Inspirational Thinking. This is one of my favorites: "Make no little plans... They have no magic to stir men's blood." -- Daniel H. Burnham, that great Chicago city planner. It's in the photo, but hard to spot.

3. A Book Thong bookmark  -- A gift from my mother. It's too pretty to use.

4. A pen shaped like a sword -- The pen may be mightier than the sword, but in this case the pen is the sword. I picked it up at the romance writers conference over the summer.

5. The End Bear -- a gift from Jules when I finished the first draft of my novel Prairie Fire.

6. A carnival rose -- My husband won it over the summer. (Psst: You can find a photo here, but don't tell Dave I linked you to it.)

7. Han Solo -- lots of Han Solo stuff -- A Valentine. Two postcards. A Christmas ornament. Am I a big fan of Han Solo? Maybe. And maybe it has something to do with my hero in Prairie Fire. (I only wish I could find the life-size cardboard cutout that JC gave me 10 years ago. I haven't seen it since we moved from San Francisco 6 years ago. I *think* it's in a box somewhere still.)

8. A tiara pin -- I bought it a few years ago when I was entering a lot of writing contests and to symbolize my contest diva wannabe status.

9. Loki's Canine Good Citizen Patch -- She passed a test a few years ago and earned her certification as a good doggie citizen. Even though she passed the test, I never did send in the paperwork. My bad.

10. Haley's Parking Only sign -- A gift from my husband. There was once a time when my name was so unusual that I couldn't find anything preprinted with my name on it. Those days are loooooong past.

11. World War II recruitment posters -- "Gee!! I wish I were a man. I'd join the Navy." That just cracks me up. I picked up these postcards on Fishermans Warf probably 10 years ago.

12. A Grace d'Otare business card -- I helped Grace design this business card.

13. Old conference badges -- Because I keep forgetting who I am and need to be reminded?

I think it might be time to redo my bulletin board. Some of the things have gotten quite old. Time to refresh.


  1. Anonymous10/09/2008

    TT love comin' at ya!

  2. Anonymous10/10/2008

    This makes me want a bulletin board! Just so I can stick stuff to it!

  3. Anonymous10/10/2008

    That's a bulletin board you can pass by and smile at. Mine is covered in bills and serious notes.

    Now I want a fun one!

  4. What a cute idea! I love bulletin boards. Mine is a similar jumble of stuff that is there mainly to make me happy rather than be useful. I love the picture of your hubby with the rose. And, no, I won't say a word!

  5. Anonymous10/12/2008

    Wow you have a great bulletin board. Mine is mostly full of various to-do lists. Also my bulletin board is magnetic and not as fun as cork. Thanks for sharing Haley!

  6. I keep an inspirational quote and an appropriate picture taped to a bookshelf that I pass as I enter my "office" at home (aka the cat litter pan room). Currently, the quote is from my 86-year old Uncle Ray: "Amateurs wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up and go to work." The appropriate picture is of Bruce Willis with a machine gun in full-holler mode from the first Die Hard movie. Does me no end of good.

  7. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. I found I needed a bulletin board for all the random stuff I couldn't bring myself to get rid of. I never had one as a kid, so maybe that's why I need one now. Who knows?

    @Nancy -- I love the quote. I need to remind myself of that far too often. It might find a place on my bulletin board.

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