Thursday, September 25, 2008

King of Autumn

To see this photo in a larger size, click here.

Flickr says this is my second most interesting photo of all the photos I've posted. Only Flickr knows for sure how they measure "interestingness", but I know that it's based on some secret algorithm involving number of views, comments and favorites.

I took this photo of my dog Thor last autumn before I cleaned up the leaves in our front yard. It's a very dignified photo of my goofy boy, and it's also the best of the bunch in this set. There is a photo of Loki in the set that I really love, except that it's slightly fuzzy because I was fighting with the auto-focus on my old camera.

I'm hoping to get a second chance at a photo shoot with the dogs in the leaves this year. Probably sometime in November when our big maple trees fall. You'll be among the first to know if I capture anything worthwhile. :)


  1. I love that photo! What a cute dog!!!

  2. Lovely colours and composition! :-)

    What is that rating system at the bottom of your entry? (funny, interesting, cool)

  3. @myspoileddog -- Thanks!

    @Lisa -- The rating system is one of the blog post options offered by Blogger. I think it's new, perhaps only Blogger in Draft, because I hadn't noticed it before when tweaking blog post options. I could rename the label and button names if I wanted, but didn't. These are the default settings. It seemed like an interesting way to allow people to react to the photos, as an alternative to leaving comments.

  4. Aaawwww, I love Berner Sennen dogs. We had one as our first dog, called Shadow. Great picture!!

  5. LOL Flickr and their hilarious 'interesting' photos. I *almost* want to stop posting photos I steal from tv stations so that it gives my other photos a chance to get viewed. - but my most interesting photo is the one of Heath Ledger as the joker.

    But that's totally not on topic for this post! LOL He truly is the 'King of Autumn' I'm loving Thor more and more, the more I know about him.

  6. cute dog. i love that yellow-orange maple composition, very nice!

  7. That's really an awesome picture. But if that's your second most interesting photo I have to check out your first most interesting photo :-)

  8. I love my visits to your blog - it is lovely. Have a great week!


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