Monday, September 22, 2008

Doodle Lust & Doodle Gluttony

It's that time again -- Doodle Week. This time we're doodling the Seven Deadly Sins.

Sunday's theme was Lust, so here's my lust doodle. I choose lips because they were easy to draw and, well, full red lips are very lusty to me.

Monday's theme is Gluttony, so here's my gluttony doodle. I choose this pink birthday cake because I remember my Mom making me a cake with pink frosting as a kid, and I also remember getting into trouble for eating all the pink frosting off the cake before it could be served for my birthday.

Gluttony doodle

For more about Doodle Week and to see other Doodle Week participants, visit the Doodle Week website.


  1. great doodles! that cake looks good enough to eat!

  2. LOL that's a great story to go along with your doodle for gluttony!! I love the lust one too, I'm pretty sure I would've chosen lips as well (mostly because anything else I would've chosen would've been too vulgar :S hehe)

  3. I love the lips. The cake doodle looks really neat the way you took the photo on an angle. I tried that (awhile ago) but maybe didn't have enough light to make it work.


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