Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doodle Earth

Today's Doodle Week theme is Earth, as in one of the four classic elements (or like the planet, if you want, but I was thinking element).

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  1. I love this, it really does have a good earthy feeling to it!I'm commenting here in advance, because I've not yet addressed the earth :)

  2. Your earth looks friendly, like it wants to hold hands!

  3. Your earth looks cozy and welcoming. Makes me want to roll around in the dirt.

  4. Wonderful Doodle Earth! So very creative! We have to get more creative! Maybe we'll get better with time!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. That's a nice take on today's theme.

    I only joined in today but I did a Sunflower as well. :)

  6. @A -- Thanks! I was thinking dirt-like blobs and rocks when I drew it.

    @Daisy -- Thanks! A friendly earth. I like that.

    @Monique -- Thanks! Feel free to try it out. Let me know how the rolling around bit turns out. LOL

    @Samantha and Mr. Tigger -- Thanks! I think you're plenty creative.

    @Akelamalu -- Thanks! And you have quite the gorgeous sunflower. It's one of my favorites.


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