Sunday, July 20, 2008

Post 499: Doodle Body

Today is the last day of Doodle Week. Seven straight days. Whew! We made it!

The theme today is Body. Yes Body.

So here's my body part: My left foot. It looks like it's sideways, but that's the angle I was looking at it when I drew it. Yes, those are the sandals I was wearing. I'm not sure the proportions are spot on, but the sandals really are tall. I like being tall. :) Oh, and the red nail polish is an exact match. It's actually the nail polish I'm wearing.

Also, in yesterday's post, I failed to include the last day of Doodle at Work. So, here's the collage of work doodles for the theme Pet, which is what we decided to doodle at work on Friday, even though Friday's theme was technically Evil.

In there you will notice an asterisk-looking doodle. That's part of one of my coworker's "retrospective on lines". Each day he doodled a line, and on Friday he brought all his lines together in one doodle. Unfortunately, his doodle on Monday was mistakenly erased because one of the self-proclaimed doodle police didn't realize it was a legitimate doodle. The doodle police were duly chastened for editing creativity.

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  1. Anonymous7/20/2008

    Heels that high make me nervous, even when it's someone else wearing them, no matter how fantastic they may look! Great doodle though.

    Happy 'versary, too!

  2. *whistles* Sexy lady!!

  3. Thats the first foot I've seen all day.

    Love the red toenail.

  4. @Teena -- Thank you.

    @Catherine -- Thanks. I love my high heels. I love my gym shoes and flip-flops, too.

    @fragileheart -- *blushes* Thanks!

    @YummY -- I did my hand last doodle week, so the foot seemed like the next logical choice. Thanks.


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